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Nutrition in Critical Care by Gary P. Zaloga

Most people, including doctors, still believe that the human digestive tract digests proteins into single amino acids before it absorbs them. This is not totally TRUE!

Anyone that is interested in protein digestion and absorption should obtain a copy of the book entitled "Nutrition in Critical Care" by Gary P. Zaloga. This book documents research that has been done on HUMAN digestion and absorption of protein. It reveals that the human digestive tract preferentially absorbs protein fragments that are in the di-peptide (2 amino acids linked together) and tri-peptide (3 amino acids linked together) form. In fact more than 70% of the amino acids that appear in the blood after ingestion are in the di-peptide and tri-peptide form! So much for the outdated belief that all protein is absorbed in the form of single amino acids.

This book also documents that these di-peptides and tri-peptides have potent biological activity, influencing everything from hormones to immune system function and nerve function.

This book goes on to point out that the permeability of the gut is a major factor in many illnesses. If the gut is not properly nourished with protein then it will become more permeable. This increased permeability leads to more problems within the body i.e. allergies and immune system compromise as well as imbalances in hormones i.e. cortisol and insulin.

SEACURE® is made up of protein that is primarily in the di-peptide and tri-peptide form. That is why SEACURE® is so beneficial to so many people, especially those that are chronically ill. It also explains why SEACURE® helps so many digestive disorders. Give SEACURE® a try and find out what it can do for you!

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