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Most people are very concerned about how safe it is to provide their credit card information for online purchases over the internet and rightly so! We have all heard about how it is feasible that someone could intercept someone else's credit card information that is being passed across the internet.

NATURE DOC takes internet security VERY SERIOUSLY! At NATURE DOC, we use 2 levels of data encryption (SSL and PGP) to ensure that all your personal data is SECURE at all times. Data encryption is a method of scrambling information (i.e. your credit card number) into an unreadable form so that someone that is not supposed to see that information cannot read it.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encrypts or scrambles data between your internet browser and our secure order forms. So as you type information into one of our secure order forms, it is being scrambled so that only you can see it. You can tell that our secure order forms are secure by the lock icon that displays on your browser while viewing these secure order forms with your internet browser. You will also see the THAWTE SSL stamp at the top of each of our secure order forms indicating that it uses SSL. SSL data encrption is very common on commercial web sites on the internet.

But what happens when the information that you type into that form is submitted by you when you press the send or submit button on the order form? Most of these order forms transfer that information to an e-mail program that sends the data to the company's e-mail address. It is at this point that your personal information is once again vulnerable, because e-mail is also sent across the internet.

This is where Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) comes into play. PGP encrypts or scrambles data sent from the order form into the e-mail program, so that only the addressee (the company that you are making a purchase from) can unscramble it and make sense of the information. Most web sites do not inform you if they provide e-mail data encryption for sensitive information (i.e. order data) that you send to them. If a web site does not tell you that they use data encryption for the order data that you send to them, chances are they are not using it! Buyer Beware!

At NATURE DOC, we feel it is important that you know that we do use PGP data encryption on all of our secure order forms that send your order data to us via e-mail. You can tell that a secure order form uses PGP data encryption by the PGP lock icon that is displayed at the top of the secure order form.

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