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Fight infections and boost your
immune system with SEAVIVE®!

SEAVIVE® was developed by Proper Nutrition after they came out with SEACURE®.

SEAVIVE® contains SEACURE® (200 mg per 500 mg capsule), but it also includes colostrum and Beta 1,3 glucan. The SEACURE® present in SEAVIVE® gives it the ability to support the health of the digestive tract lining just like SEACURE®. The colostrum and Beta 1,3 glucan in SEAVIVE® give it immune-enhancing and infection-fighting capabilities.

Colostrum contains "immune factors" which strengthen your immune system so that it will function properly and keep your body free from infection. It also contains "growth factors" which stimulate your body to repair itself as well as burn fat and build lean muscle.

Beta 1,3 glucan is a sugar molecule that stimulates the immune system to go after infectious organisms. The combination of colostrum with Beta 1,3 glucan gives SEAVIVE® infection fighting capabilities that SEACURE® does not have.We recommend SEAVIVE® for anyone that has digestive problems and intestinal infections or weakened immunity.

Some of customers use both SEACURE® and SEAVIVE®. We offer volume discounts on combined orders of these two products. We also have FREE shipping for customers in the USA!

Ingredients: each capsule contains pre-digested white fish protein (200 mg), bovine colostrum (200 mg) and Beta 1,3 glucan (50 mg).

One bottle of SEAVIVE® contains 90 capsules or a 1 month supply.

Pricing for SEAVIVE® is as follows:
1 bottle for $26.95,
2 or 3 bottles for $25.95 each,
4 or 5 bottles for $24.95 each,
6 bottles for $23.95 each and
12 bottles (1 case) for $22.95 each.

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