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INTESTIVE® is a combination of SEACURE® with colostrum and the herb Boswellia.

Colostrum contains "immune factors" which strengthen your immune system so that it will function properly and keep your body free from infection. It also contains "growth factors" which stimulate your body to repair itself as well as burn fat and build lean muscle.

Boswellia is an herb that relieves inflammation. It is useful when there is inflammation and pain coming from the digestive tract. Conditions that have these symptoms are ulcerative colitis, Crohns disease, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and intestinal infections.

We recommend INTESTIVE® for anyone with one of the above conditions or inflammation and pain as part of their symptoms of digestive disturbance.

Some of customers use both SEACURE® and INTESTIVE®. We offer volume discounts on these two products. We also have FREE shipping for customers in the USA!

Ingredients: each capsule contains pre-digested white fish protein (450 mg), bovine colostrum (40 mg) and Boswellia (10 mg).

One box contains 120 capsules of INTESTIVE® or a 1 month supply.

Pricing for INTESTIVE® in boxes is as follows:
1 box for $29.95,
2 or 3 boxes for $28.95 each,
4 or 5 boxes for $27.95 each,
6 boxes for $26.95 each and
12 boxes (1 case) for $25.95 each.

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