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Feedback From Customers That Have Used
SEACURE® To Help Heal Ulcers

I have suffered with what my doctor calls a stasis ulcer on my right ankle for 3 months now. My doctor has tried numerous medications and dressings to help this ulcer to heal. But so far the progress has been minimal. I had given up hope that this would ever heal.

A good friend of mine insisted that I give your SEACURE® a try. I figured what have I got to lose. I had tried everything that my doctor had recommended with little improvement. After I had taken the SEACURE® for 2 weeks I began to notice a gradual decrease in the inflammation and size of the ulcer. I am now halfway through my second bottle and the ulcer is half of its previous size. My doctor is pleased with my progerss and he has advised me to continue using the SEACURE®.

I am very grateful for my friend and your product.

Sincerely yours,

Jack W.
St. Louis, MO

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