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SEACURE® For Ulcerative Colitis

Dear Mildred,

I was first diagnosed with ulcerative colitis 7 years ago. Prior to my diagnosis, I had suffered for a year with various misdiagnoses and improper medical treatment. I finally found a doctor that was able to recognize what I had and diagnose it properly.

With proper medical treatment I began to notice some improvement in my symptoms. I experienced fewer episodes of extreme abdominal cramping and bloody diarrhea. My doctor prescribed sulfasalazine and predisone. I don't like being on the prednisone, but it does help get my symptoms under control.

Recently I have been under more stress at work and a long-term relationship with my boyfriend ended. My UC has flared up and even the medications were not helping as much as they once had. I learned about SEACURE® from a friend and then I went surfing on the web and I found your web site.

Since I have started using SEACURE®, I have noticed an improvement in my energy and a noticeable decrease in my abdominal pain. I also have fewer bloody stools. I am very impresseed with this product, and I have recommended it to others in my support group meetings.

Respectfully yours,

Jan S.
Atlanta, GA

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