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Feedback From Customers That Have Used
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Dear Mildred,

I recently ordered SEACURE® from your web site for my Mom.

My Mom is retired, but she is still very active. Four weeks ago, she was on a ladder trimming the top of the hedges outside of her home in Ft. Worth, Texas. As she was leaning forward on the ladder, she lost her footing and fell to the ground. She landed on her back. It took her 15 minutes to get up and hobble into the house and call me. I rushed right over, and I drove her to the hospital right away. She's awful stubborn at times about getting medical attention, but this time she didn't put up a fight so I knew she was in a lot of pain.

At the hospital they ran all kinds of tests and they x-rayed her back. Fortunately she did not have any broken bones, but she did strain the muscles in her back pretty badly. I have ordered SEACURE® from you before for my irritable bowel symptoms. I remembered reading in some of the literature that you sent me that SEACURE® is good for injuries.

Well, I am happy to report that my Mom's back is completely healed. She started taking SEACURE® right after her fall, and she began noticing an improvement in her back pain after only 3 days on it! Now she no longer has any back pain, and she is back to her usual busy self. At least she has promised to stay off of ladders for good! Thanks for your help.


Barbara H.
Ft. Worth, TX

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