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Frequently Asked Questions About SEACURE®

If SEACURE® is so great, why hasn't my doctor heard of it before?

Most doctors learn about prescription medications in medical school, not about nutritional products. That is why so very few doctors have heard of SEACURE® before. SEACURE® is not a prescription medication. But SEACURE® does work! More and more doctors are learning about SEACURE® every day from their patients that have used it!

Should I tell my doctor that I am taking SEACURE®?

You should always inform your doctor of what you are taking. Unfortunately, your doctor may discourage you from taking SEACURE®. Not because SEACURE® is dangerous for you. But simply because your doctor has not heard about SEACURE® before. If you were in your doctor's shoes, would you recommend that someone take something, even as simple as a protein supplement, if you had not heard of it before? Yet most doctors recommend to their patients to eat fish. That is exactly what SEACURE® is, pre-digested fish.
We have numerous customers that have used SEACURE® with NO adverse effects or interference with other medications. In fact quite the opposite is true. Our customers tell us they are doing better because of SEACURE®! Please check out the feedback we have received from those that have used SEACURE®.

What is the best way to take SEACURE®?

We recommend that our customers take 2 capsules of SEACURE® three times a day on an empty stomach. Twenty to thirty minutes before meals with plenty of water is ideal.

SEACURE® smells so fishy. Is there anything I can do to get rid of the smell?

For those that do not like the strong, fishy odor of SEACURE®, we recommend that you take out the next days dose (6 capsules) of SEACURE® and place it on a counter the night before you are going to take it. By the next day, most of the odor will be gone. If you have cats, be sure they cannot get at the SEACURE® or your next day's dose will be gone!

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